Can I change my order?

Once an order is received, our operations team packs and dispatches your items quickly. We know priority is key and we leave no room for error when it comes to getting your order to you on time. This does have a down-side when we're too late to catch an amendment request.

The fastest way to get your amendment request in is to submit a request via our help centre and make sure you select the right drop down options. This will place you in a priority queue that is swept throughout the day to ensure we capture every request. 

If you have received your dispatch confirmation email, then unfortunately we are unable to change your order. If you have not received a dispatch confirmation email, then please contact our customer service team and we may be able to amend your order prior to dispatch.

We are developing a way to give you a little more control over this in the future but in a way that doesn't impact our speed of service. Remember, the earlier you bag the look, the more time we have to correct anything that isn't absolute perfection. 

Get in touch with our team if there is anything else that we can help with.